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From the challenges faced by developers in 2021 to the seamless efficiency of 2022-23 with the game-changing tools ā€“ GitHub Copilot, ChatGPT, and now, in 2024, the year of Code Integrity – Introducing CodiumAI!

Picture a world where writing almost any piece of software were to take a single day or up to a week, bug fixing is a breeze, and writing tests and opening PRs become a joyous expedition. In 2021, your coding adventure was fraught with uncertainties, manually writing tests, and a looming low confidence level. Fast forward to 2022-23, and you’re armed with the power duo ā€“ GitHub Copilot and ChatGPT, propelling your coding speed to unprecedented levels. Now, entering 2024, CodiumAI joins your arsenal, elevating your coding experience to new heights by automating code testing and providing various code recommendations right in your IDE and in your Git platform. You will now be able to write and generate code that works, as you meant it.

Envision a week in the life of a developer at 2024

Day 1, launching with seamless research completion, thanks to ChatGPT. By Day 2, code is swiftly generated with GitHub Copilot’s assistance, writing all boilerplates, and by Day 3, CodiumAI Integrity-Agent accelerates your development with meaningful tests, spec generation, and code completion and fixing. Day 4 breezes through code and PR review with the help of CodiumAI PR-Agent and dear colleagues, leaving you at Day 5 with high confidence to deploy and ample time for meaningful tasks.

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