Hosted PR-Agent for GitLab (Teams & Enterprise)

Hosted PR-Agent for GitLab

Step 1 

You have received a secret key from CodiumAI that will be used as a shared secret and identification, store it in a safe place. Each secret will be associated with a GitLab token that will be used by the hosted PR-Agent service to access your repositories.

Obviously, if you do not have a key, please contact us.


Step 2

Acquire a personal, project or group level access token. Enable the “api” scope in order to allow PR-Agent to read pull requests, comment and respond to requests.

Store the token in a safe place, you won’t be able to access it again after it was generated.


Step 3

Register the access token with CodiumAI:

Browse to and type in your CodiumAI key from step 1 and your token from step 2. This will associate your account with your GitLab token.



Step 4

Install a webhook for your repository or groups, by clicking “webhooks” on the settings menu. Click the “Add new webhook” button.

In the webhook definition form, fill in the following fields:

Secret token: Your CodiumAI key
Trigger: Check the ‘comments’ and ‘merge request events’ boxes.
Enable SSL verification: Check the box.


Step 5

You’re all set!

Open a new merge request or add a MR comment with one of PR-Agent’s commands such as /review, /describe or /improve.


See the full documentation on


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