Technical FAQ & Troubleshooting

Technical FAQ & Troubleshooting

Technical FAQ & Troubleshooting


We’re available for any question or issue on our Discord, Github (VS Code / JetBrains), and support e-mail


I installed the tool, but I can’t log in:

  1. Some users in Mainland China who are using our JetBrains plugin have reported this behavior, which relates to blocked Firebase login. Using VS Code IDE solves this.

I don’t see the buttons above the code components as shown:

  1. Buttons will only be shown above recognizable Python, JavaScript, and TypeScript files, and only on non-test code components
  2. You may have just installed a new version and need to refresh. Close IDE or relevant file and reopen.

I get an error when trying to run tests:

  1. Make sure you have an interpreter (i.e. a running environment) defined for the tested module
  2. Open the error message and address the issue
  3. Complex paths are sometimes hard for our runner to interpret

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