Cyber Security in Software Development

How Painful?
Cybersecurity in software development involves integrating protective measures, secure coding, encryption, and regular testing to safeguard against cyber threats and data breaches.



Invicti is a cutting-edge software security tool that empowers organizations to enhance their security posture and protect their applications throughout the software development lifecycle. Invicti was founded in Ferruh Mavituna in 2005.

With its advanced capabilities and comprehensive approach, Invicti offers a range of features designed to automate security tasks, provide visibility into application security, ensure accuracy in vulnerability detection, enable scalable security management, and promote proactive security measures.

Let’s explore these features in detail.

  • Security Task Automation

    Invicti tool enables organizations to automate security tasks, resulting in significant time and effort savings for the security team. By automating security processes, vulnerabilities can be identified efficiently and seamlessly assigned for remediation.

    This feature benefits AppSec, DevOps, and DevSecOps programs, empowering security and development teams to stay ahead of their workloads and streamline operations.

  • Visibility of App Security

    Invicti provides a holistic view of application security, allowing organizations to gain complete visibility into their web assets. Intruder aids in the identification of all web assets associated with an organization, including those that may have been misplaced, overlooked, or established by unauthorized entities.

    Invicti’s unique dynamic + interactive (DAST + IAST) scanning approach enables scanning in corners that other tools may miss, ensuring comprehensive coverage. Moreover, Invicti provides real-time updates on the progress of remediation efforts either directly within its platform or through seamless integrations with various issue-tracking and ticketing software.

  • Proven Accuracy

    This tool stands out by its ability to identify vulnerabilities other tools may overlook. The dynamic + interactive (DAST + IAST) scanning approach employed by Invicti helps uncover more true vulnerabilities. By combining signature-based and behavior-based testing methodologies, Invicti ensures that no security exposure goes unnoticed.

    Invicti’s comprehensive scanning capabilities ensure both speed and accuracy in vulnerability detection, enabling organizations to identify and address security weaknesses quickly.

  • Scalability

    Invicti allows organizations to manage risk effectively, regardless of their size. By incorporating features that confirm the presence of real threats, Invicti effectively eliminates the need to spend valuable time chasing false positives.

    Integrating security testing into the SDLC is smooth, with robust two-way integrations into existing development tools. Invicti enables organizations to control permissions for unlimited users, ensuring flexibility and adaptability in complex organizational structures.

  • Proactive Security

    This tool emphasizes the importance of proactive security measures to prevent vulnerabilities. Organizations can build a security-oriented culture by integrating Invicti into developers’ daily tools and workflows.

    Invicti provides actionable feedback to developers, helping them produce more secure code and reducing the workload for the security team. Continuous scanning capabilities offered by Invicti ensure that risks are mitigated at the earliest stages, preventing vulnerabilities from being introduced in the first place.

Ultimately, Invicti is a powerful ally in this battle, equipping organizations with the tools they need to safeguard their applications against vulnerabilities and cyber-attacks. By leveraging Invicti’s comprehensive suite of features, organizations can automate security tasks, gain visibility into their application landscape, ensure accuracy in vulnerability detection, scale their security management processes, and promote proactive security measures.