Cyber Security in Software Development

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Cybersecurity in software development involves integrating protective measures, secure coding, encryption, and regular testing to safeguard against cyber threats and data breaches.

ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager Plus

ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager Plus

ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager Plus, founded by Sridhar Vembu in 1995, is a comprehensive vulnerability management tool designed to help organizations strengthen their security posture.

It provides a range of capabilities to identify, assess, and mitigate vulnerabilities across their IT infrastructure.

  • Vulnerability assessment

    ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager Plus provides a robust vulnerability assessment capability that helps organizations identify and assess real risks within their network infrastructure. It scans for vulnerabilities across various systems, applications, and devices to ensure comprehensive coverage. By analyzing the exposures present, organizations understand potential security risks and can prioritize their remediation efforts effectively.

  • Compliance

    With built-in policies aligned with over 75 CIS benchmarks, Vulnerability Manager Plus enables organizations to comply with industry regulations and best practices. It helps identify policy violations instantly, providing detailed insights on the necessary remediation actions. By leveraging these out-of-the-box policies, organizations can ensure their IT infrastructure meets the required security standards.

  • Patch management

    Vulnerability Manager Plus simplifies the patch management process by offering a seamless way to download, test, and deploy patches across multiple operating systems and over 250 third-party applications. It assists organizations in applying timely security patches, thereby mitigating the risk of exploitation arising from known vulnerabilities. This feature streamlines patch management workflows and ensures timely remediation of vulnerabilities.

  • Network devices

    The tool provides the ability to discover network devices and perform vulnerability scans targeting firmware vulnerabilities. Organizations can improve the overall security of their network infrastructure by identifying vulnerabilities in network devices and taking proactive steps to address potential security threats.

  • Security configuration management

    Vulnerability Manager Plus aids organizations in monitoring system configuration changes and implementing secure configurations to effectively address potential security loopholes. Organizations can mitigate risks associated with misconfigurations and unauthorized changes by monitoring configuration drifts and ensuring secure configurations are in place.

  • Zero-day vulnerability mitigation

    This feature enables organizations to identify and mitigate zero-day vulnerabilities using pre-built and tested scripts. By leveraging these scripts, organizations can proactively address emerging threats even before official patches are available, minimizing the window of exposure to potential attacks.

  • Web server hardening

    Vulnerability Manager Plus helps organizations detect and remediate various web server vulnerabilities, such as expired SSL certificates and inappropriate web root directory access. By mitigating these vulnerabilities, organizations can bolster the security and reliability of their web server infrastructure.

  • Port audit

    Organizations can adopt a proactive approach by actively monitoring the ports in use, allowing them to promptly detect any unintended ports that may be activated by malware or unknown applications. By conducting regular port audits, organizations can detect and address potential vulnerabilities associated with open ports, enhancing network security.

  • Insightful reports

    Vulnerability Manager Plus offers comprehensive and insightful reports that provide holistic visibility into the network security posture. These reports help organizations understand the vulnerability landscape, track remediation progress, and make informed decisions to strengthen security defenses.

In summary, ManageEngine Vulnerability Manager Plus offers a robust solution that enables organizations to avoid potential threats by effectively identifying, assessing, and addressing vulnerabilities. By leveraging this tool, organizations can enhance their security posture, streamline compliance efforts, and maintain a resilient IT infrastructure.