Insufficient Resources in Software Development

How Painful?
Software development necessitates a blend of skill, knowledge, and resources to achieve favorable results in its intricate and ever-changing domain.



runn is a popular resource and project management tool, offering a range of features designed to enhance software development processes. It was founded in 2018 by Tim Copeland, Nicole Tiefensee, and Rowan Savage with a fully remote team.

With runn, organizations can gain a comprehensive overview of resource allocation and utilization. The tool provides a heatmap that visualizes each team member’s schedule and utilization level. This allows them to quickly identify trends, spot gaps in resourcing plans, and make informed decisions to optimize resource allocation and productivity.

runn simplifies high-level project planning, regardless of the methodology companies follow. They can easily create project forecasts to assess whether they will land over or under budget. By monitoring key project insights, such as timelines, costs, and progress, users can proactively track project performance, identify potential risks or delays, and make necessary adjustments to ensure successful project outcomes.

Anticipating the impact of deals in the team’s pipeline on resources and financials is crucial for effective resource management. runn allows those teams to plan tentative projects and create scenarios to simulate different scenarios. By comparing “what if” scenarios, they can identify the optimum project pipeline, align resources accordingly, and make strategic decisions to maximize project success and profitability.

runn offers seamless integrations with other tools, such as Clockify and Harvest, enabling developers to sync their data and create a single source of truth for resource management. By seamlessly integrating with the existing software ecosystem, runn ensures data consistency and eliminates the need for manual data entry.

Additionally, runn provides an API allowing developers to build custom integrations with their preferred tools, offering limitless data synchronization and process automation possibilities.

In addition to these resource management features, runn offers a set of complementary capabilities to support efficient software development:

runn provides robust project planning functionalities, allowing teams to define project timelines, milestones, and dependencies. This facilitates effective project execution and helps teams stay organized and focused on delivering project goals.

runn enables organizations to manage team capacity by tracking resource availability and workload. By understanding each team member’s capacity, they can make informed decisions when allocating resources, ensuring a balanced workload and avoiding burnout.

runn’s project forecasting feature empowers users to predict project outcomes based on various factors such as resource allocation, budget, and timeline. This helps identify potential bottlenecks, optimize resource allocation, and make decisions that are data-driven toward project success.

With runn, developers can easily track and manage timesheets, enabling accurate tracking of effort and ensuring transparency in resource utilization. This feature allows them to analyze actual work hours, monitor productivity, and compare it with planned estimates.

runn provides:

  • Robust reporting capabilities.
  • Offering customizable reports and analytics to gain insights into resource utilization.
  • Project progress.
  • Budget allocation.
  • Other key metrics.

These reports assist organizations to make informed decisions and foster continuous improvement.

In summary, runn is a comprehensive resource and project management tool that empowers software development teams to optimize resource allocation, track project performance, and drive successful project outcomes. With holistic resource visualization, high-level planning, scenario modeling, seamless integrations, and additional functionalities like project planning, capacity management, project forecasting, timesheets, and reporting, runn provides the necessary tools for efficient resource management and streamlined project execution.