Legal Compliance in Software Engineering

How Painful?
In software engineering, where innovation and technology intersect, the concept of legal compliance is vital to the framework that supports a grand structure. Just as architects ensure their designs adhere to building codes, software engineers must navigate a complex landscape of legal regulations to craft functional and compliant software.

Micro Focus Fortify

Micro Focus Fortify

Micro Focus Fortify is a sentinel of security and legal compliance in the intricate software engineering landscape. With robust features designed to align with legal and regulatory standards, Micro Focus Fortify empowers developers to craft software that not only thrives in innovation but also effortlessly adheres to legal obligations.

  • Software Composition Analysis (SCA)

    Micro Focus Fortify’s SCA module takes the lead in navigating the open-source maze. By meticulously scanning applications for vulnerabilities linked to open-source components, SCA provides vital recommendations for updates. 

    Additionally, it ensures compliance with licensing requirements, fortifying organizations against potential legal complications stemming from open-source utilization.

  • Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) Compliance

    The realm of legal compliance often intersects with industry standards. Micro Focus Fortify’s SCAP Compliance feature is a compass in this terrain. It meticulously assesses applications against SCAP benchmarks, guaranteeing alignment with recognized security standards. 

    This bolsters security and showcases an organization’s dedication to meeting industry-specific compliance mandates.

  • Fortify on Demand

    Micro Focus Fortify on Demand extends the mantle of security and compliance to the cloud. This cloud-based solution offers comprehensive application security testing, including static, dynamic, mobile, and open-source analysis. 

    In legal compliance, Fortify on Demand ensures that cloud-deployed applications meet the same rigorous security and regulatory standards as their on-premises counterparts.

  • WebInspect

    Micro Focus Fortify’s WebInspect zeroes in on fortifying web applications. Through dynamic scanning, it identifies vulnerabilities that could breach compliance regulations. 

    This feature serves as a vital shield, guaranteeing that web applications remain secure and compliant, reducing the risk of legal violations.

  • Audit Assistant

    Micro Focus Fortify’s Audit Assistant simplifies compliance validation. It automates the often laborious process of gathering evidence and generating compliance reports. 

    This accelerates the audit trail, ensuring organizations can promptly showcase their adherence to legal mandates when scrutinized.

Micro Focus Fortify conducts harmonious security and legal alignment orchestration in the symphony of secure software development. Through Software Composition Analysis (SCA), Security Content Automation Protocol (SCAP) Compliance, Fortify on Demand, WebInspect, and Audit Assistant, Micro Focus Fortify propels software engineering toward a future where innovation coexists seamlessly with legal compliance, fortifying each creation with a dual shield of security and legality.