Code Analysis

There are so many features that CodiumAI provides you to have quality code as the output. With CodiumAI, you can not only ensure the quality and effectiveness of your tests but also gain valuable insights into your code's underlying structure and behavior.

While your test suite generates, CodiumAI will analyze your code from top to bottom and give you a simple output as text. CodiumAI uses its TestGPT model to perform the Code Analysis feature.

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Getting Started


Access the code

You can access the Code Analysis feature by clicking the "Code Analysis" tab next to the "Test Suite" tab.
VS Code
Codium - VS Code
JetBrains - IntelliJ IDEA
Codium - JetBrains - IntelliJ IDEA

Exploring Different


Exploring different sections in Code Analysis.

Once you enter the Code Analysis tab, you can see a complete analysis of your code in natural language. You can see that the output is divided into several sections, making reading and understanding the content more accessible.

Here is an example to explore and understand the sections in the output in a better way.

Example: Using the Code Analysis feature in CodiumAI to analyze a function written in Python programming language. The function will add two integers and return the sum.

VS Code
Codium - VS Code
JetBrains - IntelliJ IDEA
Codium - JetBrains - IntelliJ IDEA

Section 1: Objective

This section demonstrates the objective of your code/function/class. In other words, it explains to you what your function does.

The objective of the add_numbers function is to take two integers or floats or any numerical inputs and return their sum.

Section 2: Inputs

The Inputs section describes the information about the inputs taken by the code, such as the types of the inputs and names of them.

Inputs of the add_numbers function are a and b, which should be numerical values.

Section 3: Flow

This section shows you the process of your code step by step. Reading the given information gives you a better view of how your code functions.

The steps of the add_numbers function are to take two numerical inputs, add them and return the value.

Section 4: Outputs

The Outputs section describes the output generated from your code or function.

The add_numbers function gives the sum of the two inputs.

Section 5: Additional aspects

This is where you will have some additional information about your code. This information can include details such as the code's availability for other functions, usability, dependencies, limitations, etc. Therefore, you can utilize your code for better optimization.

Additional aspects of the add_numbers function given by CodiumAI indicate that the function only works with numerical inputs, and it does not modify the inputs and only gives the sum of them. Furthermore, it can be used with other functions.

Why do we need a code analysis?

Performing a code will help you in several ways.

When documenting the code:

Whenever you need to document your code or function, the Code Analysis feature offered by CodiumAI will aid you in doing it better. You will create a simple and better document so anyone who reads your documentation can have a better view of your code or function in detail.

When having doubts about the code:

It will help you to clear your doubts about your code, mainly when you deal with large codes and multiple interconnected functions.

When verifying your code:

You can verify that your code performs as you need by reading and understanding every aspect of your code provided by the Code Analysis feature. If it does not function as you desire, you can make the necessary changes, recheck it, and then be confirmed. Therefore, your code's quality has been increased.

CodiumAI's Code Analysis feature is a powerful tool that can help you improve the quality of your code. It is user-friendly and can be used with many different development tools. If you are looking for a way to find and fix bugs, identify security vulnerabilities, and improve the performance of your code, CodiumAI's Code Analysis feature is a great option.

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