Think of /ask as a friendly AI assistant for your code. It lets you ask plain English questions directly about your code without needing to switch contexts or search online.

Need to understand some logic, functionality, or purpose of a specific code snippet? Just type /ask followed by your question, and Codiumate will analyze the code and provide insights.

Prompt: /ask [ free-text questions ]


How to Use It?

Using /ask is as simple as pie:

Focus on Your Code

Here's where things get interesting! In file mode, /ask offers different "Focus On" options to tailor your questions:

  • Selected Lines: Focus on specific lines of code you have highlighted. Ideal for understanding a particular section of logic or variable usage.
  • Complete File: Analyze the entire file for a broader understanding of its purpose and how different parts work together.
  • Specific Function: Target a particular function within the file for an in-depth explanation. Useful for deciphering complex functions or algorithms.

Ask Away! Type /ask followed by your question in the editor. The more precise your question, the better the explanation /ask can provide.

What to Expect from /ask?

/ask goes beyond simply highlighting keywords in your code. It performs a deeper analysis to understand the context and functionality of the code you're referencing. Here's what you can expect:

  • Clear and Concise Explanations: /ask translates complex code constructs into easy-to-understand language, making your code more approachable.
  • Contextual Insights: The explanation considers the surrounding code and how the specific section you're focused on fits into the overall logic.
  • Code Examples (Optional): In some cases, /ask might even provide code snippets or simplified examples to further illustrate the concept.

When is /ask Helpful?

/ask helps out in various coding scenarios, making it a valuable tool for developers of all levels:

  • Understanding Legacy Code: Working on someone else's codebase can be daunting. /ask can help you decipher its logic and functionality, accelerating your understanding.
  • Learning New Concepts: Encountered a new coding concept or library within your code? /ask can provide clear explanations, aiding your learning process.
  • Quick Code Reviews: Need a second pair of eyes to validate your code's logic or identify potential issues? /ask can offer an objective analysis, acting as a virtual code reviewer.
  • Debugging Complex Logic: Stuck on a tricky code block? /ask can help you break down the logic step-by-step, making it easier to identify the root cause of the issue.
  • Refreshing Your Memory: Revisited some code you wrote a while back? /ask can serve as a quick refresher, reminding you of the code's purpose and functionality.