Commit - Your Commit Message Copywriter

Modern software development thrives on clear communication, and commit messages are a cornerstone of this. Codiumate's versatile /commit command empowers developers to streamline the process of generating informative and well-structured commit messages.

What is /commit?

The /commit command acts as your automated commit message assistant. It simplifies the process by generating structured and informative summaries of your changesets. This empowers collaborators to grasp the intent and impact of your modifications with greater ease.

Prompt: /commit [ optional extra information ]


How it Works

The /commit command offers a multifaceted approach to generating commit messages:

  • Automated Commit Message Generation: Initiating the command with /commit triggers the automatic creation of a commit message based on the code changes detected within the current changeset.
  • Additional Instructions: You can provide supplementary details to tailor the commit message further. These additional parameters are incorporated into the message, ensuring your commit message captures the essence of your changes.
  • PR Change Score Integration: If your development workflow involves pull request (PR) reviews with scoring mechanisms, the /commit command can optionally integrate this score into the generated message. This provides a consolidated overview of the changes and their associated quality assessment.


  • Commit Message Automation: Simplify the commit message creation process with an automated and consistent approach.
  • Customization with Extra Instructions: Tailor commit messages further by adding optional instructions.
  • PR Change Score Documentation: Integrate the PR change score into the commit message for enhanced transparency.

Using Additional Information

The /commit command offers flexibility when crafting commit messages. You can include additional information using parameters following the base command. Here's an example:

Prompt: /commit also add PR change score

In this instance, the /commit command will generate a message based on the changeset and incorporate the PR change score (if applicable to your workflow). This empowers you to tailor commit messages to include specific details relevant to your project and development process.


Prompt: /commit

Output: Add new feature: User authentication

Prompt: /commit also adds the PR change score

Output: Implement feature: User profile management. Change Score: 92

Auto Commit Message

Tired of writing commit messages? Codiumate has your back! Ever feel stuck staring at the commit message box, unsure what to write? We've all been there. But with the new Auto Commit Message feature in Codiumate PR Assistant Chat, those days are over!

Imagine this: you stage your changes in VSCode, ready to commit. Look next to the commit message box – there's a new button. Click it, and poof! A clear and concise commit message appears, automatically generated based on your changes, directly into your source control’s commit message box.

Here's why you'll love Auto Commit Message:

  • Instant Help: No more switching back and forth or struggling for words. Get a draft message right there in the source control window.
  • Save Time & Effort: Focus on coding, not writing messages. Auto Commit Message gives you a good starting point.

Elevate Your Commit Messages

Enhance collaboration and streamline your development workflow with Codiumate's /commit command. Craft meaningful commit messages effortlessly, fostering a clearer understanding of your changes across your team


Codiumate's /commit command streamlines the creation of informative and consistent commit messages. This functionality promotes efficient collaboration within your development team by:

  • Automating Message Generation: Automatically generates commit messages based on the code changes in the current changeset.
  • Enabling Customization: Allows developers to incorporate additional details for tailored messaging, ensuring clarity and completeness.

By leveraging the /commit command, developers can write clear, concise, and well-structured commit messages that enhance project understanding.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How does the /commit command generate commit messages?

    The /commit command analyzes the changeset and generates commit messages based on the modifications made.

  • Can I customize the commit message further?

    Yes, the /commit command allows you to include additional instructions, providing flexibility for customization.

  • What is the PR change score, and how is it calculated?

    The PR change score reflects the overall impact of the changeset, considering factors like size, complexity, and the nature of modifications.

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